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Yacht glass repair experts

At Glass Marine we are specialists in glazing and repairing any type of yacht glass

Glass repair specialists

What do we do?

At Glass Marine, we offer a wide range of solutions from glazing to repairing the existing glass. On any glass surfaces on yachts, our repairs mean a faster job and a significant cost savings when compared to replacing.

Raparacion de cristales yates
Reparación de cristal en yates

In action

Raparacion de cristal barcos
Raparación de cristales barcos

Experts in


We remove any scratch from any type of glass.

Mineral Residue

This is damage that occurs due to minerals building up, limescale, or acid rain. We repair the damage and apply a protective layer.

Grinder splatter

Sparks from radial cutters when vessel is at refit can cause deep burns that we repair.


Impacts or fissures can grow and result in the glass breaking entirely. In these cases, we fill and reinforce the glass affected by the impact.

Welding splatter

These burns are serious and very visible, but by no means impossible to repair for Glass Marine.

Edge Chips

We repair sharp and dangerous edge chips and flakes.


These damages indicate that the useful life of the window is nearing its end, since they can grow and break the glass completely. We prevents this damage, and the subsequent replacement of the glass.

Replacement of glass panes

We replace glass panes that cannot be repaired in yachts, boats or any type of vessel.